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Surgery update

Well I just got home from the hospital a little while ago.  Jackson's surgery seems to have gone very well!  Obviously the next couple days will tell a lot more, as they take him off of the meds from the surgery.  He is sedated and paralyzed, everyone seems to agree that it's just better for him that way.  He looks a lot better than he did after the first surgery, and he's getting so big!  Sara asked the nurse how much he weighed this morning, and he's up to 10.2 pounds!  Not bad for 3 months old.  The doctors and nurses seemed pleased with all of his numbers and have only needed to do some minor adjustments, like some medicine to stabilize his blood pressure and stuff like that.  All expected procedures, from what I understand.  He did receive some blood during and after the surgery.
Jake, Sara and Jackson's Grandma Rose (Jake's mom) are staying at a hotel by the hospital tonight and will spend tomorrow with him.  Now Jackson just has to get better enough to come home for Christmas!  That should be the next thing everyone says a little prayer for  =)  Wouldn't that be the best Christmas present ever??
They really appreciate everything that everyone has done.  I know they have said that before, but it's been amazing the way everyone has done even the little things to help them out during this incredibly difficult time!  Even the strangers that just come across the web site through MySpace, or however else and leave a little message on the message board, that's so great!
That's about all for now, I've been rambling!  It's just so...  heartwarming I guess, to see the way everyone, friends, family, and even strangers are pulling together to pray for and help out Jackson and his family.
I did just think of something else I wanted to mention.  Some other very important people that I think need some thanks sent to them.  All of the doctors and nurses that have brought Jackson to the point where he is today.  I wasn't there long tonight, but it was very obvious to me how much they care for him too.  I know that's their job, but there's a difference between just doing your job, and doing your job WELL.  Seems to me like they have done an excellent job with helping Jake and Sara understand exactly what is happening with their son, and helping them out if they have any problems or questions.  3 cheers for doctors and nurses!!
Jake plans on sending an email when they get home tomorrow, hopefully explaining a little more about the surgery and what happens next.


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