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Another Change

(From Jake and Sara)

Jackson's surgery has been moved up again to December 6th. Sara received a call this morning that they were moving Jack back down to the PICU. The doctors think he is starting to go into heart failure(kind of expected but still a shock when they tell you) and needed to start him on a medicine in order to help the heart pump correctly.

Although it sounds horrible, he is doing fine. This is part of the reason they didn't want him to come home between surgeries. They absolutely know what they are doing down there.

The silver lining in this is that he has a better chance of being home for christmas now.

I will try to contact Jessica on Wednesday and give her an update to put on his website since we will not be home until Thursday.

Take care and please pray for Jack this week.

Back to Jessica - I will add any updates as soon as I receive them!!
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