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Some updates

(From Jake)
Sara and I went to visit Jackson today. We sent Molly off to school and we were off. It was a nice visit with him though we did not hold him at all. He became a little ill this past weekend and Monday they spent the whole day trying to insert IV lines in him for antibiotics. That wasn't working so Tuesday they ended up inserting a line in him that would stay until his next surgery. This way they don't have to poke at him anymore.

He was pretty snowed yesterday after that little procedure and they are pushing pedialyte along with other medicine to get him better. He needs to be infection free for his next surgery to happen and this should take care of that. Not really sure what he was sick with.

Along with being sick, he was pooping quite a bit and his little hinder his very red and sore. We walked in today and he was naked under the covers and they had some air blowing at his but to soothe it. Yes, he was very happy.

I was able to learn how to bottle feed him the right way to help his vocal cord repair itself. We tried to learn CPR for him, but it was getting a little too busy in his room and was hard to finish the video.

It looks more and more like December 14th will definitely be the day for his next surgery.

I can't wait until he his a little older. We did some xmas shopping today and looking at all the fun stuff little boys get to play with really got my eyes big. I did buy him a dump truck though, that should hold us over i think.

The students at Reedsville Elementary School held a penny war for Jackson and us. They ended up taking in $627. Sara was presented the check Tuesday and had her picture taken for the Brillion newspaper along with Molly's class. They also interviewed her.

We are very grateful for all the charity. It means alot to us but I can't wait until the money raised can be directed more towards research for HLHS and other heart related problems in children.

I will try to take some pictures this weekend when Molly and I go and visit.

Thanks again for everything.

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