Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

More tests

(2 months old today!)
(From Jake)
Jackson was moved to a new room to make way for another baby with more serious health problems.
Sara and I have been splitting time going down to see him.  It's a little more difficult now with Sara working, but we manage.  I was down there with Molly yesterday and held both the kids in my lap at the same time.  That was very rewarding.  Molly sang "You are my sunshine" to Jack and he smiled so big (sorry no camera, even if i had it I wouldn't of been able to get a pic of that).  I need to keep a diary of all the bonding moments and nice things Molly says about Jack.... it will be good ammo when I am trying to mediate fights between the two when they get older.
Jack is going to be undergoing some testing over the next two days on his liver and gallbladder.  They have some concerns over the size and the way they are functioning.  Keep your fingers crossed that it's nothing...we really don't need any other suprises.

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