Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Disappointing news

(From Jake)
I went down to see Jack today after work and was able to hold him and play with him a little.  It was fun.  They are taking  the IV line out of his leg so that is just one last thing that is in the way when we hold him.  I was just about to leave and the doctor wanted to talk to me.
She told me that they see him as high risk due to his vocal cord and they want to keep him until the next surgery.  That news ruined my whole evening.  Just when we think it's all going well, something else comes up.  Us living so far away gives her reason for concern in case something would happen.  She said that even if we lived 10 miles away, they would want him to stay in the hospital though.  15% of infants with HLHS that go home after the first surgery don't make it to the next surgery.  So we really have no choice but to listen to the doctor on this(we trust her 100%).  The good news part is that they are going to try and to the next surgery the first week of December.  His weight gain is good (8.25 lbs) and they want him at 10 lbs for the surgery.
Even though it sounds like a setback, it really isn't.  If everything goes the way they want, it looks like it could be a very nice Christmas for Sara, Molly and I....celebrating Jack's first Christmas at home....where he belongs. Take care and keep him in your prayers
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