Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Dad's first diaper change and feeding update

(From Jake)
I just got home from visiting Jack today.  It was actually the first time I was able to sit and hold him and not have to share him with anyone.  Also the first time I changed his diaper......and the second time......stinky guy.  It's kind of difficult to change him because he has the tube and wires and the pic line in his groin.  I haven't lost a step and got it done with no problems.
They are going to go back to the regular tube feeding tomorrow and see how he does with that.  He has been taking the bottle with speech therapy and they have been very impressed with that.  Next week they will do another swallow test and see if they can take him off the tube feeding completely.
I made it all the way home tonight and then just before I got into Reedsville, a frickin deer ran out in front of me.  Missed it, thank god.

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