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Jackson's Heart
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Jessica [userpic]
Happy First Birthday, Angel Jackson

(September 7, 2007.  Entry post-dated)
One year ago, on September 12, 2006, at 9:30 in the morning, a little angel arrived.  Little did we know he was only to be here for a short time, but he was sent here to do so much for us, his family and his friends.  As Jackson's first birthday draws near, I am thinking so much of the past year, and all that has happened.  It still seems so unreal, hard to believe that he's really gone.  I still think of him often, I still wear red every Wednesday, every month anniversary, and I still have the heart necklace for him.  I've been thinking about checking into getting it engraved, but I'm not sure if it's wide enough.  We'll see.  I have some ideas of some pictures I want to make for Jackson for his birthday, and I have a plan for Wednesday morning that I will be doing.  I'll share that later though.
I started this post for a specific reason, I thought some people might want a place to send Jackson birthday wishes, and messages of support to Jake, Sara and Molly, since I know this day will be very difficult for them.
Also, if any of you "tag makers" out there want to make a birthday tag for Jackson, feel free, and you can send them to me or post them here.  I have a couple ideas for some too, might try and get those done this weekend.

Pictures from friends and family:

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Happy First Birthday Angel Jackson! Happy First Birthday Angel Jackson!  

This is the tree that Sue and Dan planted for Jackson, an Ivory Halo Dogwood


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Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Jackson!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Mr. Jackson!!! It's "Heart Girl" or Erin...I just wanted to say I had the personal pleasure of meeting this sweetheart Angel and I really hope everyone prays really hard for Jackson and his family on this day, and everyday!!

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Jackson...

I Love You!!


Happy Birthday Jackson. I wish your family and friends well and I am always praying for you.
From Casey mother of three month old HLHS baby girl Jordan Marie

Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Angel

Have a wonderful 1st Birthday Jackson! Enjoy your day with all your angel friends! Prayers for your family.

Stacy and Noah Andrew - 18 months HLHS/DORV


Hi Jessica:

We will certainately being thinking of you and your family this week. In honor of Jackson's birthday me and my boys will send him some balloons to heaven.

I can only imagine how difficult this is for you, Jackson is so very lucky to have such a special person in his life who cares so much about him and his family.

Thanks for letting us know about the birthday!

Heart Hugs,

Mom to Daniel, 3 years old, HLHS, Justin 2 years old and Gabriella 5 months old

Happy Heavenly Birthday

Hoping all the Angels are celebrating big time with you. Birthdays are hard down here, without you. Wishing gentle memories for your family.

An HLHS Angel Mom

Happy Birthday Jackson!

We often think of Jackson, and how he touched our lives. Although we were not able to meet him, he taught us so much! We now celebrate his life, and the many lives that he touched!

Jackson, may you soar proudly with the angels today!

Sara, Jake, and Molly-I am certain that Jackson's birthday is going to be a hard day for all of you....please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, today, and every day! You are blessed to have 2 wonderful and precious angels, one in heaven and one on Earth. May you have comfort in knowing that Jackson is always by your side, that he is free from pain, and that he was blessed with a wonderful, loving, and caring family.

Love to you all!
Dennis and Becky

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Jackson! What a party they must be having in the heavens! The kids and I will send balloons up tomorrow, with special messages on them.
Sara, Jake & Molly-our thoughts and prayers are with you on a day that is both sweet with cherished memories and a painful at the same time.
Riley & Maddie
& Jenny

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jackson!!! Your life has touched many!!!

Shannon T.

Happy Birthday Jackson

I just want you all to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you everyday.
Happy Birthday Little Buddy.

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Happy Birthday, little one. Have fun in Heaven with all of your angel buddies!!!

Jake, Sara and Molly, we're thinking of you today. We love you!

Lynda, Shawn and Landry

Happy Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!!! Dan and I planted a tree today to honor you on your special day!!! Hope they have a great party in heaven for you today. Miss you little one.

Jake, Sara and Molly,
Thinking of you all on Jackson's special day.

Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan

Happy 1st Birthday Jackson!

I just sent you some balloons, they will be up there shortly! Hope you have having a great party in heaven today.
The balloons might have some leaves with them, when the wind first grabbed them, they ended up in a tree! Oops! The wind got them loose though, so they are on their way.
Thinking about you today!

Jake, Sara and Molly
I hope today goes ok for you, that you are able to celebrate Jackson's birthday even with the sorrow that must be especially present today.


Happy Birthday Jackson

Today, we will celebrate a life that has touched the hearts of so many. Thinking of you today and always.

Vanessa w/ CHD HEART

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Dear Jake, Sara, and Molly,
Just wanted you to know that we are still keeping your family in our prayers. Hope today is full of the good memories and that the love of God fills the emptiness.
Love, Cathy and Tom Hungate

Thinking of you

Jake, Sara, & Molly:
I hope today fills your hearts with warm thoughts and memories of your special little angel--he truly was special and touched the lives and hearts of many people. Jackson will never be forgotten-I think of him often and always wish things would have been different, but reality is, it wasn't. I continue to pray for all of you because I am sure there are stiil many hard days and always will be. Happy Birthday Jackson!!

Love Aunt Lisa & Uncle Steve

Baby Jack

Hi, Jake, Sara & Molly,

Thinking of you all today & always, thinking of our (your) Little Angel, Baby Jack. I know he is in Heaven entertaining all the other Angels, relatives and friends that have gone before us. Showing them all what little 9 month olds can do and I wonder what the Lord thinks of all his little antics (some can be very humerous).

You are not alone, we are all here for you at all times. Jake, Sara & Molly you are always in my prayer along w/your Little Angel.

With all my love & prayers,
God will be w/you in all your needs.
God Bless you, always.
Grandma Cathy

Witth Much Love

Happt 1st Birthday


You are always in my thoughts, and would you know a butterfly flew beautifully near Adam the other day, and instantly I thought of you!!

Much hugs to Mom and Dad and little Molly. Please send me an e-mail.

Susan, Adam (HLHS 6 months old post glen),Alexcis, John Brodersen

Happy 1st birthday!

Happy 1st birthday angel jackson. God bless the family and live on with the god memories.
amanda amd justin 3 months old hlhs


Happy Birthday in Heaven Sweet Jackson.
I hope/pray that the day was as gentle as it could be with sweet memories of Jackson's most precious life.
Thinking of your entire family.

Angel HUGS from Ashley

Mommy to 5 beautiful children
Michael, 11; Danielle, 9; Brittany, 6; Jessica, 5 (High Functioning Autistic, feeding disorder); Ashley, forever 18 months 13 days-HLHS-earned her Angel Wings 6-22-06 (I love you baby girl---Always & Forever)


Happy Birthday precious Jackson! I hope today has been one filled with memories of Jackson.




I know this comment is pretty late, but I havent been on here in a while. But, HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JACKSON!

I'm sure up in heaven you've learned SO many new things, and I wish i could see it right now.
Eventually I'll be up there with you.

Your cousin,


iVE BEEN IN THIS GROUP ABOUT 3 MONTHS AND WHEN I READ JACKSON STORY I CRIED MY EYES OUT. MY SON JUSTIN HAS HLHS AND IS 3 MONTHS OLD. OPS sorry about the caps. i cant even imgaine what your family went through with him. i am so scared of things going bad for him, because i know it can at anytime. i dont know your cousins from the group at at all, but i hope everthing is going good. its hard because ive got 2 other children and the oldest is very senstive and always asking is justin going to die. he isnt in bad condition at all. he is going for his glen in 3 to 4 weeks...being in this group helps keep me strong and not become a emotional wreck. god bless his family
take care
amanda mom to justin 3 mnths coa hlhs pda asd
devn 8 hh lamar 19 months hh