Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Good days and Bad days

(From Jake)
Sara, Molly and I went to visit Jack on Saturday.  It was a nice little visit and we were planning on leaving and the nurse said that we could hold him.  So awesome!!  He really enjoyed it too.  No fussing at all while we held him.  It was a little bit of an obstacle since he has some wires, oxygen ant the tube feeding.  It will be something Sara and I will have to deal with just in case he comes home with the oxygen or the tube feeding.  
He has been having some problems with the tube feeding.  If they have him on a continuous feed he is okay, but when they go to feed him larger amounts every two hours he throws up.  They are still trying to figure that part out.  
I think yesterday was just one of is "not good" days.  He had the oxygen off, but with the throwing up his numbers were dropping and they felt more comfortable with it on.  Pretty sure that is something we are going to see alot of the next couple months, good days and not good days.  
There is a strong possibility of Jack moving to a normal floor and out of the Intensive Care this week.  Molly is excited about that because then she can finally hold him.
It's all moving along kind of slowly, but I guess that's ok.  We would rather have it that way, then to rush it and not have him healthy.
Thank you all again for everything.

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