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Jackson's Heart
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Jessica [userpic]
Video for Jackson ~ Thanks Crystal!


that is beautiful

Crystal - that is beautiful.
One precious baby....One precious angel.
I will hold you in my heart always Jackson.
Love, Aunt Sue

from Susan Brodersen

I really loved the viedo, I am still crying uncontrollably. Jake and Sara you are in my sincere thoughts.... I really wished to have met the little man and kissed his lovable cheeks.... but I can say this he will always be a part in my heart... Please all stay in touch with me...

Susan Brodersen
Wood Dale, IL

You are so welcome!!

I know being the mom of a child with CHARGE Syndrome and all her medical issues how hard it can be.
My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this wonderful angel in heaven.
God Bless,


This video is so beautiful.