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Another late night

Sorry to keep everyone waiting for an update.  Once again I didn't get home from the hospital until around midnight.  When I got home I first came downstairs to check any messages.  I went upstairs and crawled into bed and talked to Scott for a little while, since he was still awake.  I never made it back downstairs!  I had even left all the lights on because I had planned on it.  Just all caught up to me I guess.  (And right now I feel even more tired than yesterday morning, when I only got 3 hours of sleep. Go Figure.)  I will be going to the hospital again today.
Jackson seemed very content last night when we were there.  I got there first and had a little time to myself with him.  My mom and my aunt Lisa showed up a little after that, and then Jake and Sara came.  We talked a little about how Jackson is doing now.  They have removed a couple of his lines, lipids and lasix.  It was decided that it was pretty pointless to keep giving those.  (Lasix, for example, helps with urination, and since he's not peeing anymore, why keep that line in?)  They have doubled his morphine from when I was there on Friday.  He still grips on to your finger, but it is not a strong grip anymore.  Lisa did not get a chance to hold him on Saturday when she was there, so we got him all set to slide over to the couch.  (Don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but to hold him the couch is slid so it's right next to the crib, to make sure all the lines and wires reach ok.)  His numbers are ok, a little low, and they are starting to flucuate a lot more.  I got to hold him again, and I gave him a bunch of hugs and kisses from everyone.  I told him that Porter and Kenneth and all of their new buddies will be waiting for him, and they will go play a game of baseball with their new healthy hearts.  I also asked him to watch over Baby Adam, and all the other heart babies that are still fighting.  (Baby Adam's parents found us through Jackson's web site and have been communicating with Jake and Sara since before Adam was born, as they tried to prepare for what was ahead.)  I do have some more pictures of all of us holding him, I will upload those shortly.
Now that Jake and Sara are back down, they are planning to spend all day there.  I will be going up again after work.  If I hear anything at all during the day I will send an email post.  (You can tell it's an email post by the no-virus note at the bottom of the post!  oh well)  I don't know how late I will be tonight, but I will try and get an entry done when I get home also.
I need to go get ready for work now, afterwards I'll upload the new pictures.
Thanks so much for all of your messages of prayer, love and support.  Jake and Sara have been reading all of your messages and appreciate them all, even if they are not able to respond to them right now.

The pictures from last night have been uploaded to the photo album.  Thank you also to Jackson's Aunt Kaye who sent some pictures of Jackson with aunts, uncles and cousins.  If anyone else has any pictures to share you can email them to me at

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