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Weekend with Jackson

Sorry I didn't get an update added into here last night!  Nothing had changed, and we were getting ready to head to my in-laws' house for father's day.  I called Jake to get an update and was planning on getting a quick few sentences in here, but of course, the internet knew I was in a hurry and I couldn't even get the page to load!  Here's the latest update from earlier tonight.  (We just got home.)  Jake included some pictures and I will be uploading them to the Photo Album.

6/17/2007 8:01:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time


We had a nice time this weekend visiting with Jack.  He had lots of visitors actually.  We plan on going back down again tomorrow and most likely won't be coming home again until he says we can.  Candee(Sara's cousin) has offered us a place to stay and we probably will be taking her up on it.  We wouldn't of came home today if we didn't have to go meet with people tomorrow. 
Jackson has stopped urinating completely and they removed the catheter.  They haven't given him a "time" or anything but if he isn't getting the bad stuff out, nothing good can come of that. 
This morning was kind of nice because it was just the 4 of us for a while(plus the nurse).  We were able to make little handprints and footprints of him.  It was something Molly was able to participate in also.  We made one with Molly's hand and Jackson's hands next to each other.  We plan on letting Molly have that one in her bedroom.
You can tell them it's ok.
I know, but they won't listen.
I'm going to be better soon.
They don't want to hear that
They seem so tough
They are but Daddy likes to does mama.
I've seen that, you can hug them for me to make it better right
Yes, anything you want.
I've heard them talk about the people I'm going to meet.
Mom told me they are going to take care of you
That's good, it's a big place, i'm sure I'll need some direction
You can cry too
I want to stay strong for them
You are and you will continue to be
Can we talk after you go?
Anytime you want, you'll know how to find me
Okay, go to sleep now, I love you Jackson
I love you Molly
Sorry about that.  Molly told Sara's mom that her and Jackson talk.  The long car rides make you think of stuff and that's the way I pictured it.
Jessica will have to continue updating the rest of the week unless I end up coming back home for anything.
Take care
Jake and Sara

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