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Jackson's Heart
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Jessica [userpic]
Weekend with Jackson

Sorry I didn't get an update added into here last night!  Nothing had changed, and we were getting ready to head to my in-laws' house for father's day.  I called Jake to get an update and was planning on getting a quick few sentences in here, but of course, the internet knew I was in a hurry and I couldn't even get the page to load!  Here's the latest update from earlier tonight.  (We just got home.)  Jake included some pictures and I will be uploading them to the Photo Album.

6/17/2007 8:01:34 P.M. Central Daylight Time


We had a nice time this weekend visiting with Jack.  He had lots of visitors actually.  We plan on going back down again tomorrow and most likely won't be coming home again until he says we can.  Candee(Sara's cousin) has offered us a place to stay and we probably will be taking her up on it.  We wouldn't of came home today if we didn't have to go meet with people tomorrow. 
Jackson has stopped urinating completely and they removed the catheter.  They haven't given him a "time" or anything but if he isn't getting the bad stuff out, nothing good can come of that. 
This morning was kind of nice because it was just the 4 of us for a while(plus the nurse).  We were able to make little handprints and footprints of him.  It was something Molly was able to participate in also.  We made one with Molly's hand and Jackson's hands next to each other.  We plan on letting Molly have that one in her bedroom.
You can tell them it's ok.
I know, but they won't listen.
I'm going to be better soon.
They don't want to hear that
They seem so tough
They are but Daddy likes to cry...so does mama.
I've seen that, you can hug them for me to make it better right
Yes, anything you want.
I've heard them talk about the people I'm going to meet.
Mom told me they are going to take care of you
That's good, it's a big place, i'm sure I'll need some direction
You can cry too
I want to stay strong for them
You are and you will continue to be
Can we talk after you go?
Anytime you want, you'll know how to find me
Okay, go to sleep now, I love you Jackson
I love you Molly
Sorry about that.  Molly told Sara's mom that her and Jackson talk.  The long car rides make you think of stuff and that's the way I pictured it.
Jessica will have to continue updating the rest of the week unless I end up coming back home for anything.
Take care
Jake and Sara

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You Are My Sunshine


A very pretty version of Molly's favorite song to sing to Jackson on the above link

Aunt Jenny


I am so sorry for all that you are dealing with Remember that children are stonger than we think they tend to bounce back better than aduldts I think that is because they can still pretend which helps them to create an okay situation that they can handle to get threw I will continue to keep praying for Jackson and your family

My heart breaks for you

I just read the "conversation" that Molly had with Jackson. What a sweet one it was. I can picture it going just that way. What truth there is in those words. Your family has been such an encouragement through this ordeal and the way you have handled it. I know that God is very pleased by that and that others have seen Him through this long road that you have been on. Know I am praying for your family during this difficult time.

Janie Tiller
Torrington, CT


*Heartbroken* Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Hope

How Can I Help?!

I have never had a severely sick child but have lost my husband to cancer so my heart goes out to you! I am a Reiki Master living in California and would be willing to send Reiki (Universal Healing Energy) to you and your family to help you through this hard time. You are very much in my thoughts and prayers. May the Universe Bless you with the grace needed during this time. All my best to you, Re-al

With Our Love

To Jake, Sara, Molly, & Jackson....

There no words...no deeds...that could ever express how much your family has come to mean to us.

When Molly came down to visit Grandma Barb...she stoled our hearts. It was as if we had known her all along. Later when Jack & I came to Reedsville and met you; again it felt as if we had been a part of your family forever. From Grandpa Rudy & Grandma, to brothers, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends.

Then...we met Jackson...WOW!! I have no words Sara...he absorbed my whole being. This must sound really crazy to you...we've only just met; but he did! So...to you Jackson...our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to meet such a strong little man...and an even stronger family!

GOD BLESS...and may this song play in your hearts forever!

Be Blessed,
Jack and Barbie Toschlog and the entire family


Jake, Sara and Molly, you are in our prayers, hold tight to the memories of that precious little boy and when he goes to heaven be assured he will be healthy and happy in Jesus arms. He is precious and we are praying for a miracle.



Jake...."the conversation" is awesome. I think you have a gift of writing. Hope you continue to help yourself and others with it. Sara...I salute you for the way you have handled this situation. Molly...you are a very smart little girl. Jackson...for such a little guy...you sure have taught us all a lot. To all of you...you are a very special family. You have touched our hearts and souls. Thank you for sharing with us!I know God has blessed you and will continue to do so. We will continue to keep you all in our prayers. Love, Cathy Hungate
and all the CAST-UP MEMBERS


heyyy this is molly i am now 11 years old and my dad showed me this earlier i can just imagine what i acted like and now i miss jackson soooooo much