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A huge, gigantic, enormous THANK YOU!

I wanted to post this as a separate entry, because these awesome kids deserve it!!  Here's the whole story!  After work today I headed to the hospital to visit Jackson.  The PO Box is by my work, so I decided that I would stop on the way.  It's been pretty empty lately, after the benefit, so I haven't been checking it as often.  Well, it's a damn good thing I did!  There was one lone envelope in the box.  And in that envelope, a check.  And written on that check were 4 numbers.  A 1, another 1, a 6, and then another 1.  That's right, $1,161!  I had been opening the envelope while walking through the post office to the door, and I stopped in my tracks, my mouth dropped open, and I think I even said "wow!" out loud!  And then my eyes started watering.  The invoice included with the check says that the money is from a PENNY WAR by the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at Valders Middle School.  How great is that!?  (And wow, can you imagine how much change they had?!)  For those that haven't been following Jackson's story very long, there was another Penny War done at Molly's school (pre-k and k I think), and they raised over $600 for Jackson!  Kids are the greatest, that's for sure.  So this post is for a great big THANK YOU to all the kids that have raised money to help Jackson's family.
(See I told you it was a BIG thank you!)

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