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The little guy is looking lots better.  We went to see him yesterday and he was pretty sleepy.  He would wake up a couple times and look at us when we talked to him.  Of course, he paid more attention to Molly than us, but that's ok. 
They have been feeding him, but they stopped that late Friday night.  His stomach was more bloated than usual and the stool was pretty black.  That usually represents old blood, so they have to keep an eye on him for that also now.  They ran some tests and nothing came back that we need to worry about. 
The plan is now to do the trach sometime on Monday.  They won't do it if he is still showing any signs of being sick with anything.  It will be a pretty simple procedure only lasting around 30 minutes.  Knowing his history with things they deem "simple", we are a little concerned.  I know it's negative to think that way, but what can you do.  I voiced that to his doctor yesterday and she kind of agreed.  He's given them such a hard time down there also with all the setbacks.
These are supposed to be some of the smartest people in the state and when they don't know what to do anymore or look worn out, it makes you worry.  This is the one thing they think can save Jackson, so it is definitely worth the shot.  It will make him better though, no matter what happens from this point.
Take care and please continue thinking of Jackson.
Jake and Sara

*Side note from Jessica*
I did a little research on the trach, to get some more details and information for myself, and came across this website, if anyone else wants to read about it:

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