Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Vocal cord damage

(From Jake)
Jackson is one month old tomorrow.  I went to see him tonight with Eric.  They moved him into a smaller room.  We are still waiting for them to remove the heart lines, hopefully tomorrow that will happen.  
He does have some damage to his left vocal cord that occured during the surgery.  The damage affects a nerve and needs some time to strengthen.  He was making little grunting sounds and squeaks, so I would think he is improving.  They can't give us a really good idea of when it will be better though.  They are giving him 55 ml of breast milk every 2 hours and is tolerating that very well.  This is done through a tube at the moment because they don't want him to swallow anything yet.
Jack was sleeping when I got there and then woke up and was pretty alert.  He likes to squirm and from what the nurse told me, he likes to poop also.  All good signs.
Sara, Molly and I will be staying down there this weekend so we can see plenty of him.  We still have no idea on when he will be coming home, which is becoming frustrating.  It's still a day-to-day thing. Thanks for everything
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