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Jackson's Heart
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June 2008
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Jessica [userpic]
Jackson woke up!

Well Jackson's little nap is over with.  He finally expelled enough of the fluid he had retained which allowed them to take away the medicine that was keeping him paralyzed.  He was moving around a little bit today and then of course woke up more when we were ready to leave. 
We were all around his crib talking and Sara accidentally kicked it.  Jackson's eyes sprung open.  It was kind of cute.  Now they have to keep a close eye on him since he still has that breathing tube in.  They have to be sure he doesn't start pulling at things or get too crabby.
Tomorrow will be the start of several meetings we will be having over the next week or two.  We will be meeting with a trach nurse and she will explain the whole procedure to us.  We will also be talking to doctors to let us know what the risks, benefits and if this will help him or not.  The transplant is still a possiblility, but very slim right now.  The kidneys and liver are still pretty rough, so we have to see how that affects everything right now.
We will keep you posted.
Thanks for keeping Jackson in your thoughts and prayers.
Jake and Sara


My prayers go out to Jackson,his family and the doctors!
Big Hugs!
Laurie - Mom to Danielle


Still thinking about you all!! I went to see Jackson last night when I was at work and he was wiggling around a little - so good to see him moving around! Good luck with all of the trach talk! There are lots of little kiddos with trachs on 4west so let me know if you ever have any questions!! See you later!!