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Jackson today

Here's what we got today. 
This morning they took him into radiology to get a better look behind his lungs and reposition the chest tube in order to get more of that fluid out.  They were able to clear that out but they still really aren't getting too much out.  You can see that he is retaining more fluid though.  It's really present in his face again and his arms.  I thought it looked like it was more in is chest also, but it may of been the way they had him laying.
They also did the scope on his throat today while we were there.  It really wasn't that difficult to do since they already had the breathing tube in.  I was able to watch the video of it while Sara occupied Molly.  You could see the malacia they had talked about.  It is a bit more severe than they had previously thought, so we have to keep an eye on that.  The build up of fluid was also present inside his throat and it kind of hindered what they wanted to view in there.  They were able to get some cultures and now we wait to see if he has anything viral going on in there.
Dr. Ghanayem informed us that we are walking a fine line with Jackson right now.  They need to treat his lungs but they also have to be careful as to not cause any harm to his heart.  Right now we really just need to wait for him to start expelling some of that fluid he is retaining, either through the chest tube or by urinating. 
I have taken a leave of absence from work for the next two weeks.  Really kind of hard to work when your son's life is in limbo. 
Hopefully we can get a little bit of progress by the end of the week with him as to what they want to do.  The trach is still a possiblity, but they are not able to do that with all that fluid.
Talk to you soon and thanks for keeping Jackson in your thoughts and prayers.
Jake and Sara

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