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Jackson's Heart
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June 2008
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Jessica [userpic]
nothing new

Happy Memorial Day! 
Nothing new to report on Jackson.  He is still paralyzed and very puffy with fluid.  They did insert a chest tube behind his lungs the other day to help him drain some of the fluid.  He does look comfortable considering all the stuff going on with him again.
We've been going down by him every day hoping we can get some sort of answers from the doctors.  Unfortunately they can't offer us anything right now until they get a better look at the airway situation.  Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday we will know something more.
I've gotten a little more positive about everything.  I think I still have a long way to go.  Sara has done great at keeping my chin up.
I can't remember if I mentioned it, but he did get moved to PICU 23.  It's a bigger room and is definitely more suited to him with all the meds he is on again.  This is the size of the room he was in when he had his first surgery. 
We'll be heading out shortly to go and see him again.  If I hear anything, I'll be sure you get the news.
Take care and have a nice day.

keep the faith

Sara and Jake,

Please know that we continue to pray for Jackson. He is in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. I am certain that with all that Jackson has gone through it must be hard to continue to remain positive. He has hit many brick walls in his short (almost) 9 months of life. He has fought through all of them. He is a very strong little man, and that is due to his parents strength and support! Although he is so little, he can still sense the love, support, and strength that you ALL have for him! It might be hard to think of this right now, when you are filled with so many questions, and so many what if's, but God does not give us more then we can handle, and He gives us everything for a reason. He is the Master Weaver of our lives. Please know that God gave you Jackson for a very special reason, He must have known that the both of you would make a spectacular team, and would be able to handle the difficulties. You both are doing an amazingly well job! I admire the strength that the both of you possess! You both should be proud of yourself! I am certain that Jackson is being with pride over his family!

If there is anything that you need, please let us know.

Becky and Dennis