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Sara and I had a long day with Jackson.  We went to visit with him in the morning before the heart cath was done.  He was actually pretty alert and we were able to get a couple half smiles out of him.  He really likes to suck on those fingers. 
They finally came to get him for the procedure at 2.  This lasted for about 3 hours, so we decided to go to some bumming around Milwaukee.  His room was empty when we got back.  The nurse came in and said that he was on his way back but he still had the breathing tube in(we planned on that one).  Then they decided they could take it out which was a pleasant suprise.
We then talked with Dr. Lamers.  He told us that they did have to balloon the pulmonary artery again.  Thinking good so far.  Then he tells us that they found that Jackson blood vessels draining from his head down into a vessel straight to the heart which leaves the blood not oxygenated.  They could plug the vessels, but this would add extra work to the heart.  He proceeded to tell us that he feels they are out of options with Jackson.  He and some other doctors will be meeting tonight and tomorrow to see what they can do....if anything.  They will also be consulting a transplant team, though he might not be a canidate for a transplant due to his lung, kidney and liver functions.
I asked him "Basically what you are telling us, is that you can't do anything for him anymore?".  He hesitated before answering "I don't know".  That is what the team is going to try and figure out.  They need to decide if any other surgeries will benefit him or not. 
This isn't something they could of found out sooner.  I think with him growing and getting older, all this stuff is presenting itself.  It was always there, just too small to notice.
The walk out of the hospital and the drive home was the longest ever.  We both had little periods of  crying.  We are both pretty much at a lost right now.  We don't want to leave the hospital tomorrow without any answers.
We told Molly what was going on.  Told her that her little brother is still very sick and that he may not  be coming home.  She's sad and i'm sure very confused.  As unfair as it is for Sara and I to deal with all of this, it has to be so much more difficult for a 5 year old to understand.  She has been so great with everything else we have thrown at her.
Once again thanks to all of you for the support and prayers.  We need some sort of miracle tonight and we need the doctors to put all of there collective college diplomas to good use.
Not sure where we will be the next couple days but we will find a way to keep you all up to date.
Thank you
Jake and Sara
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