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Update - what's next?!

Sara received a call this morning from the hospital.  They were having problems with his lungs again and they needed to put the breathing mask back on him.  They are also having problems controlling his blood pressure.  What's next?
Tomorrow afternoon they will be doing another heart catheterization on him.  They hope by looking at his heart from the inside they should get some answers.  The last time this was done was back in February and they found that his pulmonary artery was narrow.  That was fixed easily, so lets hope for the same simple results for tomorrow.
The next couple days will be very touchy again.  He will need to be intubated again as well as paralyzed for a short time.  Obiviously this means there will be no homecoming for Jackson anytime soon.
Sara and I are hanging in there and staying tough.  We're still a pretty strong team and all of you have helped with that.
Thanks again and keep Jackson in your thoughts and prayers for the next couple days.
Jake and Sara

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