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Pray for Porter!!

For those that haven't been following Porter's story, he was born in December with HLHS.  The first surgery was unsuccessful so in January, he received a new heart!  He has been fighting like crazy since then, proving the doctors wrong over and over and and living even when the doctors said he wouldn't.  The past couple weeks he has been having problem after problem, and the doctors and Porter's parents have decided to give him one more shot!  He has tons of people praying for him, hoping he has one more miracle left in him, we're just passing the word to get more prayers!!!

From: Christian Kai Fighting CHD & Praying For Porter
Date: May 3, 2007 1:59 PM

ok im talking to abby and the stupid hospital *ok not stupid but lol ya know what i mean* has blocked myspace again... so she cant get on to write an update but she is on hold to with some people to try and unblock it.

but right now in porters blood hes stating 120% o2 (wow didnt even know that was possible haha) and hes on air pressure of 23 and doing good!!!

"This morning they went from 24 to 23 and he's tolerating it great, his last gas was AWESOME with a Ph of 7.45, CO2 of 34, O2 of 121, so he looks good for now. I think the true test will be when we start getting down closer to 20"

quote from abby herself!

as far as I know there will be no changes until tomorrow... so far so good..

Keep praying everyone.... Porter needs A MIRACLE... lets try and help that happen... Pass this on get as many prayers as possible!!! and while you are at it

Please add it to your page and if you don't mind, make it your defalt picture so that others will see it and maybe say a prayer for him as well. He can use all the praying in the world right now. His mom's myspace page is if you want to check up on him and see how he is doing. To save the tag... right click and click 'save picture as' then upload it to your myspace page and make it your default

Please pass this along so others can do the same!!


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