Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Jackson's Bandana

(From Jake)
I went to visit Jackson tonight after work and got to spend some father-son time with him.  Most of his tubes are out of him, his chest is healing nicely and he is off most of the meds he was on.  They put this mask over him right now to force air into his lungs.  They weakened with the breathing tube in him and just need a little bit of help to strengthen.  That should be off in a couple days.  The mask contraption looks funny, to keep it on his face he has a white cloth on his head, kind of like a bandana.  I thought it looked cool the first time I saw it but now I don't like it.  It makes his face all scrunched up.
The marks from his surgery are healing nicely.  His skin is pretty dry because they are not able to put lotion on him since he is under the warmer (might burn his skin).
Both Sara and I have been humbled.  The amount of support that we have received has been unbelievable.  No matter how any of you have helped us- financially, emotionally or spiritually- we thank you very, very much.  We never really expected any of this.  We knew Jackson's condition would generate some concern from family and friends, but nothing like this.  Keep praying for Jackson and thinking of him.  Sara and I will do the same for all of you.

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