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Everyone Rules!

Good Morning Everyone,
Someone had mentioned to me on Saturday that we were so lucky we live in a small community.  That is a very true statement.  Then yesterday, as I was thinking about everything the last two weeks,  I realized that Jackson's community is a very large one.  Sara and I were completely overwhelmed with the amount of support and friendship we have been shown, not only at the benefits, but over the course of the last 7 months (yes he turned 7 months last week).  People all over the state, country and even a few people on the other side of the world have been rallying in his corner.
Very quickly, we went to visit him on Sunday and he looked great.  Sara was able to hold him for 30 minutes.  It looks like he will still be there for a couple weeks though.
My little speech I did on Saturday did not reach everyone, so here is kind of what I wanted to say.  We want to thank everybody for the time and effort put into these benefits.  Aunt Sue was getting a little stressed out, but she did one hell of a job.  I don't know if Jessica was stressed out or not, she didn't show it.  The two of them were the main reason for everything.  When you think of the size of the families that Sara and I have and the way they were able to get people involved it was amazing.  They had a lot of help and you all know who you are, but I think it's okay to give them their due.  One person, I know I forgot to mention and I felt really bad about it was Erin Grimm.  Her story is great and really is an inspiration for us. 
Erin and her friend Jessica flew in this weekend for Jacks benefit.  It was her first time doing this and as you all could tell if you were there, it was an emotional time for her.  We raised some money for one of the families that Erin is representing who recently lost one of the heart babies.  Now hopefully the family will be able to get a headstone to put on baby Jessica's grave.  Please check out more at   Erin, Thank you for everything and good luck. 
One thing everybody asks is "How is Molly with all of this?".  If you had the chance to attend either of the benefits, you could see firsthand how she is.  She has been the best big sister and daughter you can have.  Things bother her and she does ask questions, but she has sometimes been the glue for Sara or I when we start falling apart.
A couple weeks ago Molly and I  went to visit Jack (Sara was still working).  He was looking pretty rough that day and when we left, I was on the verge of breaking down the whole day.  Later that night, Molly and I were watching a Tim McGraw special.  I don't remember what he was singing, but it was a slow song.  Molly sat on my lap and we started rocking back and forth.  She laid her head back on my chest and I lost it.  She gave me the biggest hug and kept hugging me and told me it was okay.  Later, I apologized for doing that and she said, "It's okay, I know you miss your little buddy.".
So, like I said, she's been wonderful.
I'll talk to you later and thank you for everything
Jake and Sara

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