Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Some Updates

Well, for those of you that don't know, the benefit this past weekend
was great. Lots of people showed up for many different reasons. We
were able to see some old friends and meet some new ones. This weekend
should be much of the same and i don't think we have to worry about any
late evening haircuts.

I've been sick at home for the last 3 days. Not sure what the deal is
but i'm going to the doctor later. Poor Sara has to take care of me

The hospital called this morning and they were planning on putting tubes
in his ears and then hopefully take the breathing tube out again.

Easter Sunday during our visit they took the breathing tube out only to
put it back in later that day. Earlier this week they needed to insert
a chest tube behind his lungs to drain some fluid that was there.
Hopefully everything is better this time when they take out the
breathing tube and it can stay out for good.

Not sure as to when we can get him home again. They won't send him home
if I'm sick, so I need to take care of that first.

Have a great day and we look forward to seeing some of you this weekend.


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