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First of all...Happy Easter to everyone.

Jackson is due to be getting the breathing tube taken out today sometime. Keep your fingers crossed on that and lets hope he responds well to it. He looked good yesterday. The puffiness went down and all his numbers are looking great. It looks like he may be finally beating this RSV deal.

I don't know if any of you have checked out his guestbook, but we have visitors from Japan and Austrailia. I met this person on this website that I go to quite a bit, . It's a website based on the board game RISK.(yes i'm a loser). Anyway, this person and I have become teammates on some games and I asked him to check out my profile where I have Jacksons website. Turns out this guy owns some internet radio station Now he has Jackson's link on his home page and he must of said something during one of his broadcasts. Kind of cool.

Big day today also for one of two great benefits. The Christel family is putting this thing on at the Edgewood. They are great people and great friends. Big thanks to Jessica, Eric, Roger and Joanne for doing this.

There are so many other kids out there who have so many more problems than Jack that don't get this kind of support. We've seen it firsthand during our frequent visits to the hospital. Once both of these benefits are done with Jackson, don't forget about all the other kids out there.

Jessica has added Jackson to an HLHS ring on the web. We are very fortuanate when you read some of the other stories

You are all very wonderful people and I don't think we will ever be able to thank you all enough.

Take care and have a great day
Jake and Sara

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