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Jackson's Heart
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June 2008
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Jessica [userpic]

Well, we were hoping to bring him home Saturday.  Everything was all set on Friday and then they walked into his room and his legs and arms were mottled (that means they were purple from lack oxygen).  They had to up his oxygen quite a bit and then moved him back to the PICU.  Saturday they discovered that he had developed RSV.
RSV is a common virus that affects people of all ages causing cold-like symptoms in infants and most children.  This is more serious in premature babies or babies like Jackson with heart defects.
Until this is resolved, we are asking that people don't visit.  He needs rest and plus it is a virus that adults can get also, just not as severe.  Anyone that does visit will need to do the proper handwashing and check with the nurse in charge.  You will also need to gown, glove and mask before entering.  We are hoping the RSV will run its course by the middle of the week.
We don't really know when he will coming home and unfortunately we don't think he will be able to make his own benefit.
He has that mask on his face again and they also gave him a foley catheter.
It looks like everything is going smoothly with Baby Adam.  Keep thinking of him though, because those of you following Jackson know the long road ahead.
Take care and thanks for everything.
Jake and Sara

Additional note from Jessica:
If anyone wants to read about RSV, here are some web sites I found:

Jake and Sara

Jake and Sara
(This is Sara's cousin Amy)! We pray for little Jackson everyday. Kaleb had RSV 2 times before he was a year old. It is horrible to watch your child go through it, but he is in good hands.

If I can do anything for you, please email me at mcginnis76@new.rr.com.