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CHD awareness on the Oprah show!!! How you can help....

Hey everyone... On Friday, March 23, 2007 we are having a "mass email"
day to Oprah in hopes she will do a show covering CHD. It only takes a
minute to help us all out- and can help bring awareness to so many
people! I am including a form letter you can copy and paste *make sure
to only copy to a supporter of the heart community* don't have to
use it if you want to include a personal story about CHD than go for it.
Please include something like " If you want more information on CHD
contact Jade at .Thanks!

here's the link to Oprah

Here's the form letter:

Dear Ms. Winfrey:

I am writing to you today to ask you to help raise awareness about
congenital heart defects. While heart defects are the most common birth
defect in the United States, they receive alarmingly little attention
from the medical research community - less than one cent of every dollar
provided by the National Institute of Health for research goes to
congenital heart defects.

Considering that one in every 125 babies in the U.S. and one in every 70
Canadian newborns is born with a heart defect, the amount of research
being done to research causes, treatment and prevention is far too
small. At birth, infants are routinely tested for several genetic and
metabolic disorders (which are far less common than heart defects), but
no routine tests are done for heart defects, either prenatally or at
birth. This is crucial to improving outcomes for babies born with heart
defects, because once an infant leaves the hospital with an undetected
heart defect and has a medical emergency, the outcomes are more likely
to be less positive than if the defect was discovered prenatally or
before leaving the hospital. While outcomes have improved significantly
in the last forty years, this also poses new issues for treatment and
research, as more people with congenital heart defects are surviving
into adulthood.

With 45,000 children being born in the U.S. and Canada with a congenital
heart defect each year, there is relatively little knowledge in the
general public about signs and symptoms of a heart defect, as well as
the outcomes of treatment and quality of life for affected children. As
a result, many children are initially misdiagnosed or undiagnosed
altogether. For families facing a diagnosis, this lack of knowledge and
information results in fear and a sense of isolation. Please join me in
my efforts to spread awareness about congenital heart defects, symptoms,
and outcomes so that families who receive or are currently dealing with
this diagnosis will feel less alone. Through this movement to raise
awareness, I also hope to emphasize the importance of increased medical
research on this issue to discover its causes and prevent heart defects
in future generations.

I would very much like to see congenital heart defects addressed on your
show, to bring attention to the frequency of congenital heart defects
and the issues facing families affected by them. If you are interested
in learning more about heart defects and helping to raise awareness
about them, please contact Jade at Thank you
for your time!


(Your name)

A supporter of the congenital heart defect community

Please also email me to let me know you emailed on our behalf. We want
to see how many people helped us out!

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