June 17th, 2008



I don't know if I ever even wrote about this last year.  Saturday, June 16, the day before Father's Day.  Scott and I went to his parents' house for the day.  On the way up, it rained a little, and then the sun came out.  I was just staring out my window, and I watched as a perfect rainbow formed.  Remember, this was after the comfort care decision was made (June 12).  So we knew it wouldn't be much longer.  But I felt such a sense of peace when I saw that rainbow, I don't even know how to describe it.  That rainbow is the background of the collage picture of me and Jackson.

Fast forward one year.  Almost exactly one year, oddly enough.  Again, the Saturday before Father's Day, but June 14.  This time was a day trip to Scott's cousin's house.  It stormed that day, various areas around Chicagoland.  On the way home, there were times we drove through some rain while the sun was still shining.  This one took more looking, but I finally found it.  Unfortunately, in my state of awe/shock, I completely forgot that I had my real camera with me, so this is from my cell phone camera, and it's the only picture I got.  It was a full perfect rainbow though, and so beautiful.

MISSING YOU JACKSON!!!  9/12/06-6/20/07

There was also a rainbow on June 20, 2008

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