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Adam Update!!

I just got an email from Susan, Adam's mom.  He's doing good so far and has had his first open heart surgery, so keep praying that everything goes smoothly!!

Hello everyone,
I know you all have been just waiting to hear from me :).  Well here's the low down,
First all I AM SOOOOOO VERY TIRED ;) but hanging in there. 
So I guess you are all wanting to know the rest?
OK Adam was born March 15, 2007 @ 11:50AM,  weighing in @ 7lbs 8oz,  (a big boy) with 12 long hours and an epidural we did it together, Adam went right along with every contraction and his heart rates were great.  Soon after he was born he was talking (COOO ING) to everyone,  The neo's let me have atleast 45 minutes with him, before the had to take him for his heart med.  Then soon after that I was able to be wheeled in to the NICU (because my legs where still very numb) I was able to see him again, This was soooo very hard and emotional to handle.  My heart started to beat much faster once I knrew that the transport team where there.  Adam was in very good hands.  As they were transporting him out of the hospital I also had Adam Baptised, and this was very emotional for everyone that was there,  I tell you there wasn't a single dry eye in the labor room and in the hallway as they were transporting him.  However he seem to enjoy his ride to Children's memorial hospital.  20 minutes after Adam was taken from me, I got a call from the transport nurse she said that Adam did great during the ride, he didn't need any oxygen and bo blood tranfusions, and his numbers and sats were all good.................................................
OK then Friday!! Adam's first day..............................
I was realeased from the Hospital at 12:00, then of cource had to get to children's as fast as I could,  I was missing Adam so very much and my first night without him was very emotional.  So once I got to Children's it was as if every doctor,  surgeon, social staff and chaplins knew I was there,  So being on 2 doses of ibprofin 3, and darvasete, I was a space alien, and honestly could not remember any names of the people I met, and to be honest my main mission was to see Adam and kiss him. 
So when I saw Adam he was laying in bed just make all sorts of baby noises it was so precious and also very emotional.  Then not even ten minutes I was there they Had to Tent him..  I will have pictures posted really soon....  Well they had to tent him and decrease the oxgen intake because he was just flooding his lungs with blood.  Ok that was really hard for me to handle, but it helped a bit......
well Adam's Norwood was scheduled for Tuesday March 20th.    How ever there was a cancellation, and then they bumped Adam up to Monday March 19th...... which was a great benefit to Adam because he couldn't  keep his sats any lower the 95, when the wanted his oxgen at 80 to 85......
Monday March 19th,  
What a huge day for us, and Everything went well Adam had no complications during surgary and was able to wean easy off the heart and lung machine.    PHEWWWW  that was nerve reacking........
March 20th, first 24 hour went well.
Today March 21st,  well today went ok with some adjustments,  First oxgen went up to 18 breaths, oppose to yesturday he was at 16.    He had a Brain ultrasound, and we found out he was a little bleeding, so they are going to do anouther one tomorrow.   Adam is also Scheduled tomorrow to have him chest closed, he will have OR surguary in the after noon sometime.  Today they have just had to play around with alot of meds to keep him stable,  at one point his blood pressure went up to 101/66, with a slight rising heart beat, so they gave him some for morfin...  The nurse said that he is getting resistance to the morfin, so they increased his doseage to keep him sadated.....  Adam also today had to have a blood transfusion... to give him an extra boost of flow to keep his blood pressure good....
so right now Adam's heart rate was 152, and the oxgen was at 85, an his blood pressure was good.....  also Adam had gotten really red in the face and the body.  We think he had gotten a reaction to the transfusion, so they gave him some benidrial....  Well is play day in the family room and Alexcis is here to enjoy time with me.  so I am going to get goin know and I will update every one really  soon.   I am sorry I haven't been able to get to the care pages.    and his website...  but any HLHS mommy and family out there I am sure you'll understand......
take care for now!!

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