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Jessica's visit - and 6 months old today!

Well, first of all, Jackson is 6 months old today!  Time flies when you're having fun...
With the possibility of Jackson going home tomorrow, I wanted to get up there to see him one more time.  As much as it sucks that he's in the hospital, it's closer for me to visit him so I take advantage.  And he seems to like me...  =)
(This is him staring at me during my last visit...)

When I got there tonight after work, he was sleeping and having some dinner.  Shortly after that, it was pretty obvious what he was doing and then he started to cry.  And then he was MAD!!!  Not really sure about what.  The nurse gave him a nice clean diaper, and he was just screaming mad!  Tried a few different things, I held him, the nurse held him, and still nothing.  And this was an all-out cry!  (With the vocal cord damage, usually it's a very soft cry.  Not tonight)  He had worked himself up so much that he was sweating and so I finally suggested that we put him back in the crib and unbutton his pj's and let him "air out" a little.  And that seemed to do the trick.  He dozed for a little while and then all of a sudden he was wide awake and happy as could be!  Never seen so many smiles out of him.  I turned the light on and started playing with him!  He was having fun.  I got a bunch of smiley pictures and even a smiley video!  Very cute!  I held him again for a few minutes while the nurse was getting his next meal ready, and then he got set up to eat and I tucked him in and left to go home.
Here's my favorite from tonight.  The rest are in the photo album!


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