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We had are family get together yesterday with Jackson. He was a little crabby since he has a noisy roommate that likes to stay up all night.  (I think he'll enjoy that more when he's 20).

We are still awaiting the results from a sleep study they did on him the other night. Once we get that then we should be able to get him home. They also are going to take a look at that vocal cord on Monday to see what the progresss of it is.

I was able to hold him again yesterday which was very nice. I set him on my lap and we watched a little basketball. He must not like Ohio State cuz he puked a little when they were winning.

Sara did most of the work in there calming him down, like she usually does. Molly continues to impress all the nurses down there with her cuteness.

Tomorrow he will be 6 months old. Kind of crazy.

They do plan on sending him home on oxygen, but not for long. It's really only a precaution with the cold weather.

Baby Adam begins his journey this week. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for everything.

Jake and Sara
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