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Jackson's Heart
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June 2008
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Jessica [userpic]
All is well

(From Jake)
They took the breathing tube out of Jackson on Wednesday. He is doing wonderful since then. They took out the chest tube this morning that was helping to drain all the extra fluid he had accumualted. He is still having a little bit of withdrawal issues though from the meds. The plan for the next week is to get him out of PICU and then hopefully back home after that. With the winter storm this weekend we are not able to go visit him which is disappointing.

Thanks for caring everybody.

One side note. There will be a new baby entering the world in a couple weeks which will be going through the same ordeal as Jackson.

You can find out about him by checking out http://adambrodersen.com/default.aspx (Jake had the link wrong in his email!)

We found out about him through Jackson's website.
Please add him and his family to your thoughts and prayers.


Just want to remind you that all of us from CAST-UP are keeping you all in our prayers. We are pulling for the little guy...and now for Adam too! Hang in there! Cathy