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Jackson's Heart
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June 2008
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Jessica [userpic]

(From Jake)
Molly and I just got back from visiting Jack (Sara had to work). There really isn't anything to report though. He was filling up with fluid again, so they are trying different kinds of diuretics to help him get that out. It started to flow right before we left. He also hasn't pooped for awhile. They took a x-ray and they can see it in there. He is getting suppositories for that.

The most frustrating issue right now is that he keeps filling up with fluid. The doctors really don't seem to have any idea why this is happening so frequently. The doctor I talked to today said that they need to put their heads together to figure something out.

He opened his eyes for us a little bit, otherwise he was pretty well out.

Let's hope for a better week.

Thanks for thinking of Jackson.