Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Weekend update

(From Jake and Sara)
Here's a little recap of his weekend.

Saturday morning, Sara received a phone call from the hospital. Jack was looking pretty rough again, all of his numbers dropped and he was filling up with fluid. They proceeded to put a breathing tube in him once again and paralyze him. We were down there along with my mom in the morning and early afternoon. He wasn't urinating at all. We really noticed it when we came back from lunch. His eyes were all puffy and so were his arms.

His lungs and heart aren't healthy. They are just trying to figure out what they need to do to fix this. The breathing problem is making his heart work harder and causing all this fluid build up. With his heart not functioning properly, this is causing him not to urinate like he should.

They gave him a bunch of medicine to help him pee and it finally worked around 5 last night. Then over night again, some of the same problems presented themselves. They changed his respirator they had him on to something different and messed around with his blood pressure meds and that seems to have solved the problem for now.

It was very hard to see him yesterday. After having Jack home for 5 weeks, having him back at the hospital is very discouraging. We both still are strong and taking care of each other. We really didn't expect to be doing this again.

Hopefully the next email we can have some better news for everyone.

Take care and keep thinking of the little guy
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