Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Back to Children's Hospital!

Well, we had a scare last night. I got home from work and Sara asked me to look at Jack. He was kind of puffy in his head, arms and legs but had gone down since she first noticed it. The rest of the afternoon was kind of up and down and he was having some difficulty breathing normally. He sounded a bit gurgly, but usually we can take care of that by getting him to sit up and cough or cry. Nothing was working. Around 7 or so, Sara noted that the nailbeds of both his fingers and toes were bluish. We called Childrens Hospital and talked with Dr. Ghanayem (his main doc through this whole ordeal). We told her the symptoms and she said we need to have him admitted.... in Milwaukee. We started to get him ready and then when Sara put him in the car seat, he started to change colors on us. Once again, we got him to calm down, but decided it would not be safe drive down.

We called 911 and they took care of it from there. The Reedsville paramedics came very quickly and then Valders ambulance came to take him to Holy Family in Manitowoc. Sara went with Jack and I followed behind.

During the drive, Sara said Jack passed out and then came to rather quickly. They ended up giving him 6 mg of lasix IV, which made Jack urinate. That helped very much and he started looking better while he was there.

Children's hospital sent up an ambulance to take him to Milwaukee. We finally arrived there around 1 am.

We were able to stay by Sara's cousin Candee (THANK YOU) who lives minutes away from the hospital.

We are still awaiting the results back from the echo and once we get that we should know why this happened and what needs to be done for him.

It looks like he will be down there for a couple days, depending on what they find.

Take care
Jake and Sara

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