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Jackson's last night in the hospital! (for now)

Well I got to spend a couple hours with Jake, Sara and Jackson tonight! I wanted to get one more visit in before he goes home, since the hospital is a lot closer than their house. He's looking really good. Today Jake and Sara spent the day doing everything for Jackson that they will need to be doing at home. Lots to learn! There was just 1 more test that Jackson had to make it through before going home. The car-seat test. They are going to make him sit in the car seat, in the hospital, for a couple hours (since they have an hour and a half drive home) to make sure he handles it ok and all of his numbers stay good. Jackson was doing a lot of "talking" to me, and looked very serious doing it! Very cute. Apparently Jackson likes blondes, so they said that was why he was staring at me so much. I was hoping to get a little video clip of it, but when I decided to go get my camera, he was done! He was also very smiley for a while, after his diaper change ha ha. From what I could tell, they have learned everything really well and have everything under control. Jackson will be just fine at home! There's a lot going on, several different medications that he needs. He will be going home on oxygen and the feeding tube, so they had to learn how to do all that, too. But as long as he can be home, they will do what it takes to keep him there! Keep the family in your thoughts tomorrow, that Jackson does ok in the car seat and the car ride home!!

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