Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

A story from my mom (Jake's aunt)

A little story to go along with this [Jake's update] - I have a booth at
a shop around here where I sell knick knacks and crafty stuff.
Well, They are all praying there for Jackson also.
I stopped in there today and Lori (the owner) asked me tentatively "How
Jackson was doing". I told her that as far as I knew everything was
going ok.
She then told me that last night her and her husband shut off all the
lights in the place. Well, this morning when she opened up for some
reason the lights in my booth (which proceeds are going to help Jackson)
were on. She was puzzled by this and was going to give me a call today
to make sure everything was ok. Her and I came to the conclusion that
it was a sign from above that Jackson is going to be just fine.
Remembering the light over the manger on Christmas Day - I truly believe
that this is God's sign telling us that Jackson will be home for
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