Jessica (xbratx99) wrote in jacksonsheart,

Success (Surgery details)

(From Jake and Sara)
Everything went well with the surgery yesterday. He went in around 7:30
a.m. and finally came back out around 6 pm. The actual surgery itself
took around 1 hour. The beginning part of it consisted of cutting him
open and then cutting threw the scar tissue from the previous surgery.
While this was taking place they ended up cutting into something that
caused him to lose blood pressure quickly. They acted very quickly and
hooked him up to the heart bypass machine. They were going to hook him
up to the machine anyway but they usually don't have to do it so early.
It seems like Jack just likes to keep these doctors on their toes.

Once they got through the scar tissue they were able to work on his
heart. They put in a bigger shunt and this will help his heart pump
better. I don't understand all the big words they use and I'm sure most
of you won't so simply stated, the right side of his heart is going to
be doing all of the work and this shunt was put in to equalize the blood
pressure. It will be completed when he is around two years of age.

If any of you remember the pictures from his first surgery, he looks
pretty similar to that right now. He was paralyzed through the night
and heavily sedated. They stopped the medicine for being paralyzed this
morning. They would like to keep him on the breathing tube for a day or
two yet. His urine output could be better but they are not concerned.

Everything is looking good. We plan on going to see him again on
Saturday. The doctor's goal is to have him home by Christmas. Not sure
if that is going to happen but we can hope.

Thanks again for everything.
You have all been such a great support for our family throughout this

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